심황 클레이 페이셜 마스크 브라이트닝 딥 클리닝 생강 벤토나이트 오일 컨트롤, 보습 여드름 방지 얼굴 스킨 케어, TSLM1


제품 개요 The Shimhwang Clay Facial Mask by TSLM 1 is a product that brightens and deeply cleanses facial skin. Featuring enthusiasm ingredients like bentonite and ginger oil, this mask simultaneously controls facial oil while moisturizing your face. Cleanse your skin deeply without clenliness apart the.General-deep moisturize attackd by lives replacing its perfect customized widplenotten … Read more

페이스 스킨 케어 세트 골드 보습 크리스탈 콜라겐 아이 마스크 패치 및 24K 골드 달팽이 세럼 및 계란 수면 마스크 크림 TSLM1


제품 개요 The content is about a comprehensive skincare set intended to hydrate your face. The set includes a gold-rich Crystal-Aide mask patch and a snail serum-containing 24k infused ingredients. In addition to this, the set also covers a night cream popularly referenced as an egg sleeping mask–TSLM1. Very promising on the tightening, whitening, and … Read more

더블 엔드 매트 립스틱 오래 지속되는 방수 립스틱 브랜드 립 메이크업 화장품, 다크 레드 립 라이너 펜슬 TSLM1


제품 개요 The product in discussion is Double-Ended Matte Lipstick, a long-lasting, waterproof lipstick from a renowned cosmetic brand. Made especially inline with lip makeup cosmetic trends, it comes in a striking dark red color. The lipstick also negligence a lip liner pencil (TSLM1), a noteworthy feature signifying that this purchase comes brilliantly articulated as … Read more

실리콘 클렌징 브러시 모공 클리너, 각질 제거 블랙헤드 리무버, 부드러운 세안 브러시, 스킨 케어 도구, TSLM1


제품 개요 The content seemingly presents a Silicon Cleansing Brush, used as a pore cleaner and also to get rid of blackheads or ditch dead skin. This face-washing tool promises smooth, pure skin, making it an essential piece for skincare and finally boasting the TSLM1 label. #실리콘 #클렌징 #브러시 #모공 #클리너 #각질 #제거 #블랙헤드 #리무버 … Read more